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15 November, 2018 by FyPCj3E9 on just another cuckold compilation talkative couples 1 Nov 18:

his wife is tottally hotm and the husband is way cool as well, great video

14 November, 2018 by hightouch4u on shari the beachgoddes Nov 18:

She is an AFF Favorite!

14 November, 2018 by JJ Johnson on mature milf gets uncut bbc Nov 18:

Sandra's tight little white pussy is getting more and more BBC lately. He's giving it to her balls deep.

11 November, 2018 by hattersfan on he cums in her but keeps pumping Nov 18:

That is hot! Any more of her please?

10 November, 2018 by fookmywife on husband filming wife:

1:30... more !! Where is the rest. Damn

09 November, 2018 by sissyschoolgirl_BC on very hot indianapolis indiana milf cuckold Nov 18:

I am pretty sure this is "Yoga Wife" from Florida...where did you get this??

05 November, 2018 by Caliban on IR Music Video 1:

Ah, perhaps they are just advertising ''?

05 November, 2018 by Caliban on IR Music Video 1:

I'm not a great fan of professional porn but there are some very attractive ladies in these clips. Anybody know any of the films these are taken from?

05 November, 2018 by JJ Johnson on cuckold sucking soldier Nov 18:

To correct the title....the woman is not the cuckold. Her hubby or boyfriend is the cuckold.

05 November, 2018 by JJ Johnson on milf fucks her bull in hotel room Nov 18:

This was pretty good but more of a porn exhibition than a hot encounter between lovers.

03 November, 2018 by kennyboy82 on tan white wife takes baby batter from bbc Nov 18:

She's good! Totally subservient to her black Bull. I love the constant sound of her moans and the slap, slap, slap of a hard fuck taking place. I'd fuck her in an instant!

01 November, 2018 by WhiteWolf on hubby in disgrace autst 2018:

Judging by his wails, I'd say the bull is rather well hung!!!

01 November, 2018 by WhiteWolf on lovers fuck wife and husband Nov 18:

I like videos like this.

01 November, 2018 by mrwhip on cuckold excellent autst 2018:

Hubby helps±

31 October, 2018 by babymaker8 on bull breeds and cuckold cleans eos 2018:

The cuckold husband can try to clean her out but his bull spunk has all ready entered her fallopian tubes and will find her egg and fertilize her married cunt and in nine months time that tight vagina will crown the head off his black baby through it

31 October, 2018 by babymaker8 on black guy cums in this wife:

I think this wife just got herself black pregnant

31 October, 2018 by babymaker8 on white wife takes massive creampie from black bull:

Another wife conceiving a black baby super spanking off her twat

31 October, 2018 by babymaker8 on cuck films girlfriend with bull lots of talking autst 2018:

This little sexy wife going to end up with a nice big fat pregnant tummy great fucking with the young wifey on top should have dumped his load up her fertile Twat as the cuckold was watching should have put his wife in family way

29 October, 2018 by dickstroker on vacation fun autst 2018:

That's a really sexy hot wife. I wish I could marry a woman that would fuck niggers. I'd like to watch and beat my dick.


29 October, 2018 by Anonymous on hot craigslist wife share eos 2018:

Very hot wife.


29 October, 2018 by Anonymous on slut wife gangbang autst 2018:

Very hot! Great wife.

29 October, 2018 by martinr on hubby in disgrace autst 2018:

Come on lover, inseminate my husband for me...

29 October, 2018 by martinr on hubby in disgrace autst 2018:

Love how she places her hand on him and encourages him. So kinky. What a bitch.

27 October, 2018 by James Blish on Danish hotwife used for plesure cuckold 18:

Very Good


27 October, 2018 by Mennett on sodomie:

Lets see a real dick fucking you in the ass. Let him bust a big nut in you.

26 October, 2018 by hattersfan on Skylar - Hole 2 Use:

What a hot to see her mummy tummy in a few months time

25 October, 2018 by Caliban on jamie is railed by a guy autst 2018:

She is sweet, I'd love to know the story behind it.

23 October, 2018 by maren on her first gangbang autst 2018:

hate the music

21 October, 2018 by tobecucked on many sperm:

that should have been left to a husband to clean up like me mmm

21 October, 2018 by JJ Johnson on Sunny Cuckold 22:

I always wondered what became of this couple. They were active for about a year then dropped out of sight. I thought she was beautiful,

20 October, 2018 by Kalou on want to share my wife autst 2018:

Lovely woman and nice vid :-)


19 October, 2018 by Anonymous on French interracial cuckold:

superbe, une bonne pute à black

19 October, 2018 by cbrown on cuckold cleanup autst 2018:

Beautiful tanned lady using her hubby for cleaning as she should!.....david

19 October, 2018 by fofo on gagging on bbc:

Is she doing motorboat? LOL

19 October, 2018 by JJ Johnson on she's my motel slut:

This would have been a 5 star video if the lighting was better. Not sure why hubby felt the need to have the tv on. The wife was gorgeous and seemed fun and relaxed. She definitely enjoyed her bull.

19 October, 2018 by Caliban on Anniversary Cuckold:

As soon as I see a cigarette I stop watching

19 October, 2018 by DYGwg5Zh on int cuck6:

What's with 2 of the bulls stepping on the couch with their shoes on? That's disrespectful to the owner of the couch.

18 October, 2018 by fookmywife on homemade teen cuckold boyfriend films blowjob fucked riding autst 2018:

Pretty girl.. why the hell wouldn’t he fuck her more?


18 October, 2018 by Mercy on filipina wife rides bbc for husband:



17 October, 2018 by Anonymous on me on hubbys friend tyler:

This slut is from Indiana , does anyone know anything about her? Love to get some


16 October, 2018 by cuckwannabe. on Cuckold prepares wife for bbc:

I want to be a cuck.

16 October, 2018 by Caliban on juicy bbw milf waiting on that big cock June 2018:

That really is one of the worst things I've ever seen.

16 October, 2018 by baddaddy1us on Cuckolds Episode 003:

Love to see amateur pussy getting BBC fucked!


15 October, 2018 by YeahNo on Jessi Black cuckold:

What's with the made-up description? She's not 'cheating on her husband' she's Jessi Black who did a bunch of amateur interracial vids in the early '90s set up and filmed by her husband/boyfriend. Just google her name.

15 October, 2018 by mrwhip on idodoyou cowboy creampie eos 2018:

Perfect wife,luv the way she looks back at hubby!!

15 October, 2018 by mrwhip on Sharing my girl with a friend:

Well broken in!

15 October, 2018 by mrwhip on the master at work 2:

Luv to see wives being trained and displayed !

15 October, 2018 by DYGwg5Zh on cuckold mature gf rimming thumbs up ass soles on nipple:

The first half was good with the ass licking. The second half of the video wasn't very good.


14 October, 2018 by Anonymous on switcharoo blindfolded wife gets strangers dick:

How she not notice change in duck size? She wasn't moaning like that with husband.

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